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The show aims to shed light on the challenges faced by widows but most importantly, less privileged widows, providing support and a platform to promote a better life.

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CBA Foundation is committed to shedding more light on the daunting challenges faced by less privileged widows.

Our program offers a unique opportunity for widows to rekindle hope, heal, and thrive. We understand that widowhood can be a lonely journey, with experiences of ostracization, isolation, neglect, and rejection. However, through deliberate willpower and support, widows can find a new life and surmount these challenges.

Everyone has a story of loss, and the journey of a widow is one that demands love and support from the community.

At CBA Foundation, we believe that each of us has a role to play in making our world a better place for all. By extending a helping hand to widows, we can create a stronger support system and promote a better life for those in need.

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